an introduction

Feb 19th 2023

Hello, I’ve never had a blog before (besides tumblr but that’s different), and I don’t write often so this will be interesting.

I often see blogs on other people’s websites and I thought huh! I should try that too! It seems like a fun way to practice writing while also just. getting my thoughts out there, because wow do I have too many thoughts sometimes. This head is never empty.

I don’t quite know what I want this blog to be yet. Maybe it will be random ramblings, or maybe I’ll pick a specific theme to write about. I thought about maybe making a nature blog and talking about ecology news or cool things I find outside, but I’m not sure I want to limit myself like that, because I’m also interested in art and games and the old web revival and all kinds of other stuff. I’ll probably still talk about neat nature stuff, just alongside all that other stuff I’m interested in!

I guess we can think of this blog as a show-and-tell, like in elementary school. I’m gonna try to make a new post every week and talk about something I’d like to share with the world, and see if I enjoy blogging! Who knows, maybe it’s not for me and I’ll only have two posts. Or maybe I’ll love it and continue blogging for years!

For now the future is a blank slate and I’m excited. Should I have some sort of sign off? Uhhhh see you later alligator!!

tags: personal