Emery Arden

Emery is a very kind-hearted and patient person with a strong moral compass. They are generally very easy-going but they get very fired up if someone threatens their loved ones.



They enlisted in the Maglan Empire's army when they were a teenager to help support their family. Having many younger siblings, they have a strong sense of responsibility and they want to do good things in the world. One day they were sent on a mission to defend a village from monsters, but discovered that the villagers were being mistreated by the empire's soldiers. The experience opened their eyes to what the rest of the world thought of the Maglan Empire. After deciding to try to help the people suffering outside the city, Emery was branded a traitor to their country.



Emery's father was a knight who disappeared when Emery was still young. Their mother became distant after that, leaving them alone to take care of their younger brother Ash. Their mother eventually remarried a nice, stable businessman who fathered Emery's half-siblings Millie, Malin, and Ricard.
Emery has a close relationship to all their siblings, but a strained relationship with their mother and step-father.


Emery travels with Simon, Azure, Blair, Kestrel, and Marita. Emery is the most level-headed of the group and is often a peacemaker, so they generally get along with everyone.
They are especially close with Simon, whose skill in getting out of tricky situations they've come to rely on; and Kestrel, who they kindaaaa developed a crush on (it's especially cute when they can get Kestrel to blush by catching him off guard).


Emery has an average feminine build and is fairly muscular. They have light skin with a clear complexion. They have a heart shaped face with naturally white hair and round purple eyes. Their soft hair is medium length, but layered in a way that looks short when it's tied back, and their bangs are in a feathered fringe style.

Clothing wise, Emery likes practical layers. They generally wear tight fitting clothing that's easy to move around in, which they then top with looser clothes like jackets and scarves. They like contrasting light and dark colors.

Being gender-fluid, Emery likes trying out different presentations depending on their mood. They generally stay fairly androgynous but they do like showing a bit of skin sometimes.

They would probably describe their aesthetic as like fantasy adventurecore.



Flowers, friendly teasing, reading and learning more about the world, helping others


Complex problems, when their friends are fighting, feeling indecisive


Medium pitch feminine voice with a clear tone that can sound deep and "boyish" at times, like Stelle from Honkai Star Rail

  • They have a natural ability to cast ice magic
  • They're great at cooking even though it's not something they're particularly interested in
  • They can be too much of a people pleaser at times and have trouble standing up for themself
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