Simon Faust

Simon is clever, confident, and usually grumpy because no one ever seems to leave him alone. He uses sarcasm often to push people away. On the rare occasion that he's not grumpy, he ends up speaking very passionately about his interests and does enjoy holding deep conversations.



Due to his father's connections, Simon got a job early working as an alchemist directly for Magister Rava. At first he enjoyed the work, because he was learning so much from it. The enjoyment was quickly soured however when he was forced to focus on improving the arcane might of the military. He hated not being able to do his own research so much that he spent years figuring out an escape plan, and he was eventually able to hire a smuggler to help him escape the city. He's been on the run ever since, using his alchemy skills to fend off wild creatures as well as earn some extra cash in towns he passes through.



Simon never had a good relationship with his father, and after his mother disappeared he withdrew even more. Being an only child, Simon was often lonely and tried to spend as little time at home as possible. He made a friend who he started considering his brother, but then that friend moved away and they lost contact.
He's always suspected his father had something to do with his mother's disappearance and so blames his father for most of his problems.


Simon travels with Emery, Azure, Blair, Kestrel, and Marita. He mainly keeps to himself, but has started opening up a bit more mainly due to Emery's friendly nature. He enjoys talking to Blair and Marita, who can both be as mischievous as him.
He clashes a lot with Azure. Simon prefers to carefully plan his actions and tends to take a stealthy approach, whereas Azure is always charging ahead with little though.


Simon is pretty shrimpy since he relies more on quick reflexes and magic than on brute strength. He has pale skin with little body hair. His hair is short, brown, and assymetrical with part of it usually covering his right eye. His eyes are red and half-lidded, making him look mysterious, aloof, or conniving depending on your opinion of him.

Clothing wise, Simon likes comfy, loose fitting clothes that still have a lot of practicality. He needs plenty of space to keep his alchemical ingredients and potions, while still being easy to move around in. He generally likes dark colors, along with the color red.

In a modern au, he would be all about techwear.



Napping, coffee, solving puzzles, setting fires, keeping a detailed journal


Crowds, tea, being underestimated, large animals


Deep masculine voice with a slight edge, like even when he speaks matter-of-factly he sounds like he's up to something. He sounds similar to Alhaitham from Genshin Impact

  • Simon learned how to lockpick, pick pockets, and get away with lying from his childhood friend
  • He was expelled from Mandrake Academy for using magic during a fight with another student
  • His arcane studies include researching the magical properties of monster materials
  • Simon tends to overestimate himself, which has landed him in sticky situations more than once
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