beware and have fun


welcome to the halloween section of the woods! the best holiday during the best month in the best season!

    I may not do any trick or treating irl anymore, but I still love celebrating halloween in other ways:
  • decorating my room with ghosts and bats and stuff
  • watching the scary game squad and other horror youtube stuff
  • watching spooky movies and playing spooky games
  • drawing some monsters
  • making cute halloween crafts
  • baking seasonal treats
  • rewatching over the garden wall
  • making this page :)

community pumpkin patch

(check out the 32bit cafe halloween event for more halloween pages!)

spooky playlist

go trick or treating

october drawing challenge

this year I'm doing colorful creeps by dollipop art!

Day 1: Demon
Day 4: Mummy
Day 7: Werewolf
Day 10: Ghost
Day 13: Swamp Monster
Day 16: Reaper
Day 19: Pumpkin Head
Day 22: Zombie
Day 25: Witch
Day 28: Stitched Beast
Day 31: Vampire