celebrating the vernal equinox


"what a releaf!" - trees when winter turns to spring

march 19th marks the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere (and autumn in the southern hemisphere but I live in the north so :P)! on this day, earth's day and night is equal, with the days ahead lengthening as spring moves towards summer. it represents growth and new life, as plants start producing flowers and animals are raising their young.

    there are many ways to celebrate the first day of spring!
  • take a hike
  • go bird watching
  • do some spring cleaning
  • start gardening
  • cook something using fresh springtime ingredients
  • eat a dirt cup! (chocolate pudding, gummy worms, + crushed oreos)

spring playlist

adopt a spring linpossum!

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what better way to celebrate anything than with food? I don't know too many recipes myself, so I searched up some recipes that seemed spring-y! enjoy!

note: I haven't tried any of these recipes, they just look interesting to me!