celebrating the summer solstice


"sun's out, fun's out :)"

june 21st marks the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere (and winter in the southern), also known as the solstice! At this point in the year, the earth’s northern axis is pointed towards the sun, thus making days longer than nights. because of the increased sunlight, summer often represents optimism, hope, and adventure.

    there are many ways to celebrate the first day of summer! (remember to put on sunscreen before heading outdoors)
  • take a hike
  • go swimming at a beach or a pool
  • go camping and cook up some s’mores
  • do some early morning exercising (anyone remember summer aerobics in the gamecube animal crossing?)
  • stay up late and stargaze
  • barbeque!

summer playlist

adopt a summer linpossum!

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what better way to celebrate anything than with food? I don't know too many recipes myself, so I searched up some recipes that seemed summer-y!

note: I haven't tried most of these, but they all sound good!