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other cool links

file garden - free file hosting
catbox - more free file hosting
transparent textures - free seamless tile background textures
1001 fonts - free fonts, some are free for personal use only and others are free for both personal and commercial use
gifcities - searchable archive of geocities gifs

unsplash - free to use professional quality photos
pexels - more free to use stock photos
pixabay - more stock photos, and also free to use vectors and illustrations
figurosity - 3d figure drawing models with lots of different poses
posemaniacs - pose references for figure drawing
coolors - color palette generator
springhole.net - a great writing resource with idea generators, writing tips, and fun stuff too

openstax - free textbooks
sci-hub - access paywalled scientific articles for free
liberation library - resources for social justice, mental health, etc.
internet artifacts - a really cool interactable museum of early internet history

rainymood - rain background noise for relaxing and studying
mynoise - relaxing background noise with many different options
learning music - learn how to make music
signal - browser midi editor
freesound - free to use sound files

the death generator - make fake video game screenshots (not just death screens)
find the invisible cow - audio hot and cold game where you find an invisible cow
monster breeder - a browser game where you capture, breed, and sell various pop culture monsters
pixel cat's end - a petsite where your cats can go on TTRPG style adventures
poppy seed pets - a petsite where your pets do their own thing every hour

darebee - lots of different workouts and exercises
freecycle - give or receive free stuff in your local communities
fraidycat - follow anyone on any platform, kind of like an rss reader