what are you?

cursed object personality quiz

take a hike through some woods and find out what kind of cursed forest object you are!

  1. First things first, why do you want to go to the woods?
  2. I like animals and animals live outside, so.
    Life’s been so stressful, I need to run away for a while.
    There are many legends in the woods, I have to see if any are true.
    I don’t know, it just seems fun. Do I need a reason?

  3. Before you begin your journey, what’s the one thing you absolutely make sure to bring?
  4. Some trail snacks.
    A field guide.
    A pocket knife.
    A travel companion.

  5. What time do you start your journey?
  6. Right at the crack of dawn!
    Mid-morning, I need to make sure I have time to wake up and eat breakfast.
    Sometime after noon, I like to sleep in when I can.
    When it’s already getting dark, to make things spooky~

  7. When you get to the woods you hear a strange noise, how do you respond?
  8. Eh, I was probably just hearing things. Onwards!
    Ooh maybe it was a weird bird, I have to go find it!
    I wait to hear the sound again so I can figure out what it was.
    What if it belongs to something dangerous? I’ll just go a different direction…

  9. There is a fork in your path. The left leads down a gentle slope towards a babbling brook. The right is rocky and seems to lead to an elevated area. Which way do you go?
  10. Left.

  11. As you continue on your chosen path, you happen upon a strange creature. What do you do?
  12. Get closer, maybe you can identify it.
    Just keep walking, if you don’t bother it, it won’t bother you.
    Watch it for a while, stick in hand, just in case it suddenly lunges at you.
    Offer it a gift, in case it’s some kind of fae creature that will reward your generosity.

  13. You’ve been traveling for a while. Do you take a quick rest stop?
  14. Yes.

  15. You’re starting to get hungry. What do you eat?
  16. Some berries and mushrooms and stuff I’ve been foraging.
    Some granola bars and other snacks. I hope I brought enough.
    A sandwich, some fruits and veggies, and some yogurt. I made sure to pack a well-balanced lunch!
    I forgot to bring food. Oh well, I can go one day without eating.

  17. It’s getting dark, or maybe it’s been dark for a while. As you enter a clearing, you find an abandoned cabin. Do you take shelter inside?
  18. Yes, I’m sure there’s nothing scary inside, that only happens in horror movies.
    No, I’ll take my chances under the stars. Maybe I can set up a makeshift shelter using sticks and leaves.

  19. You end up spending the night in the woods. What do you dream about?
  20. The faces of people I’ve left behind.
    My soul flying above the trees, dancing with the moonlight.
    Fictional characters smooching.

  21. The next day, you start your journey back home. You come across a ring of mushrooms that you don’t remember seeing yesterday. How do you proceed?
  22. Just walk right through.
    Gently step around it.
    Step inside the center and do a little dance.
    Leave an offering before continuing around it.

  23. You’re finally out of the woods and back home. What do you miss the most?
  24. The feeling of being in a different world, not home and yet it felt like it could be.
    The sounds of birds, and water, and wind, thousands of lives being lived all at the same time.
    The exhilaration of not knowing if I’d ever make it back.
    I don’t miss anything.

  25. Will you ever return to the woods?
  26. Yes, my heart belongs to those woods.
    No, the woods have given me all I need.
    Maybe if I’m bored.

    >> <<