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every so often I get the urge to hop onto minecraft, play single player survival all night, and see how many more cool builds I can add to my world!

I usually play single player, but I love playing on multiplayer servers so I can chat with others as I make my stuff! I've been having a blast adventuring on the MelonLand server~

mod showcase

some of these I've tried, some I want to try, and some just seem really interesting!

pixelmon - play pokemon in minecraft! I played a bit of an early version of this and it was very well done, so I imagine it's even better now!
skyblock - this is actually a custom map, not a mod. but the idea is you spawn on a small floating island and have to complete challenges with the limited resources you have!
oneblock - similar to skyblock, you spawn on a floating block. when you break that block, a new block spawns. this is how you get your resources, and the goal is to turn that one block island into a whole world for yourself!

my custom skins

I tried vtubing once

my builds

more screenshots coming soon...