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neopets was a defining part of my childhood, and even though I no longer have access to my childhood account I have returned with a new account and I've been having so much fun reliving memories and making new stuff! you can check out my userlookup here :3

I used to love coding my zafara's petpage, it's what got me into coding in the first place, so of course I've been working on a really cool petpage for my zafara Ellivinn! I've also been working towards my goals of getting all my pets painted and unlocking the lab ray, which are things I was never able to achieve as a child~

here's how I used to draw zafaras back when I was 12:

thankfully I've improved a lot since then lol

my pets

pirate zafara
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red kougra/lab rat
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ghost bori
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(future) maraquan lutari
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(future) spotted hissi
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(future) valentine ixi
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goals and wishlists

current goal:
lab ray map pieces
I got my counter at Jellyneo.net!

rare item wishlist:

A lutari morphing potion (any color) and maraquan paint brush for Valeria, and an island hissi potion/paint brush and spotted hissi potion/paint brush for Asra Lin.
I island hissi potion/paint brush just for the accessories haha

neopets art


thanks for visiting!

I hope you enjoyed exploring my humble little shrine! feel free to send me a neofriend request or send me a message if you're interested in art trades!

email: awepossumz@gmail.com
neomail: awepossumz