worlds in a digital forest


aka all my current projects and ideas
eventually each world will link to a more detailed world profile page

brave bellena

Brave Bellena is an RPG I'm working on set in a world loosely based on the Renaissance period. In this world, the discovery of magic crystals called arcgems has led humans into a period of technological, political, and artistic advancement. This has also led to war as leaders rush to exploit the magical resources. Meanwhile, it seems like the monster numbers have been increasing.

The story follows a group of ragtag heroes who try to resist the power struggles that are harming smaller communities, while also trying to learn the truth behind the mysterious arcgems and the rise of the monsters.

brave outcast

Brave Outcast is an RPG I'm working on set in a world loosely based on the 1800s in terms of technology level. It is a world that has been fractured by a great calamity, causing people to live on floating island continents. The only way to get from one island to another is by airship, so some far off islands have very insular communities. The religious empire [still needs a name] is trying to connect all the islands (so that they can have control of everyone).

This story follows a group of people who reject abusive religious structures and find community among each other.

mandrake academy

Mandrake Academy is a strategy RPG I'm working on set in a world loosely based on the Renaissance period. I still need to work out a plot because it was originally supposed to be a fantasy slice-of-life, but after being inspired by Fire Emblem Three Houses I want to make actual conflict lol.

The Academy itself is a college for mages, with each mage having an innate affinity based off renaissance magic. These affinities include geomancy, hydromancy, aeromancy, pyromancy, necromancy, chiromancy, and scapulimancy.

anima village

Anima Village is a life-sim RPG that's basically "what if animal crossing/stardew valley/rune factory but with monster people". It's a bit undeveloped right now but hopefully I'll add more info soon!

Expansion is a topic of major contention among the villagers. The large vampire family believes in advancing technology, expanding the village, and building factories to keep up with the human cities. The werewolf clan wants to preserve nature and fears rapid expansion will exploit too many resources. Meanwhile more and more humans have been discovering Anima Village.