meet the naturalist

oh hello there

hi, I'm Levya! I'm perpetually tired, I work in the woods, I sometimes draw, and I mostly play video games.

I have a b.s. in ecology and I'm trying to become a full time naturalist/natural resource manager/researcher, so ask me any nature questions!
I enjoy creating characters, worldbuilding, and thinking of ideas for cool video games that I don't have the skills to make myself.
I'd love to chat with anyone who also loves nature, video games, and creating things!

my username most places is awepossum, which is also what I sign my art with! my online persona is a pink haired shapeshifter who lives alone in the woods and can take the form of many different animal-like creatures, though usually I settle on an opossum kemonomimi form.


  • finding bones in the woods
  • getting so invested in a video game that it destroys my sleep schedule
  • doing my own thing while hanging out with someone I like doing their own thing
  • people tailgating when I'm already driving 10 - 15 over the limit
  • too many people in the kitchen
  • climate change please summer is hot enough already

my favorite...
games: final fantasy vi, zelda majora's mask, dragon age
tv shows: bojack horseman, parks and rec, courage the cowardly dog
anime: trigun, mob psycho 100, gurren lagann
music: anima!, joywave, queens of the stone age
books: mistborn, kingkiller chronicles, looking glass wars
animals: opossums, red pandas, giant pandas, my cat :)
color combos: purple+pink+orange, navy+aqua+red
flowers: forget-me-nots, bleeding hearts

it me